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Tips for Finding the Best Air Duct Cleaning Service in Montreal


Tips for Finding the Best Air Duct Cleaning Service in Montreal

How clean is the air flowing through your home’s ducts? If you haven’t had your HVAC system cleaned recently, it might be time to invest in such a service. Plenty of companies claim to specialize in air duct cleaning in Montreal, but how can you find the most reputable one?

Here are 7 tips on hiring the best air duct cleaning service available.

 1. Company’s Credibility

A simple web search for air duct cleaning in Montreal will bring up dozens of so-called experts in the field, ready to quote you a “reasonable” price. No two companies have the same credibility and experience, however. Avoid twice the headache and possibly twice the cost by finding out the history of the business before hiring them.

How Old Is The Business?

Should you take a chance on an HVAC cleaning service that’s brand new? As appealing as a new company might be, it’s safer to pass it up in favor of a well-established business. A brand new air duct cleaning service is still working out its kinks and developing its strategies. An established company, on the other hand, has a track record, firm procedures, and experience to back its name.

Check out the business’s website:
– Read the about page to find the year of establishment.
– Is it clear how long the business has been in the same location under the same name?
– Does the company take pride in its workers with long-term experience?

All of the above are a company’s selling points if it has a strong, long-term track record within your community. If its website is vague, especially on the “about us” page, the company has little to no experience to emphasize.

2. What About Its Reputation?

Of course, some companies’ websites simply lack detail. In that case, word of mouth and a few direct questions for the company will help you determine its credibility.

– Are the customers’ experiences overwhelmingly negative?
– Are the reviews mostly positive with a few faults?
– Are there any details that are similar from one review of a company to another?

Ask friends and acquaintances who had their air ducts serviced if they ever heard of a particular company. If not, perhaps they can recommend the company they used? Word of mouth from clients is one of the strongest indicators of a business’s reputation.

Ask the company the following questions to get a better sense of its employees:
– Do they check their employees’ backgrounds?
– How long on average have their employees worked for them?
– Can they provide references?

 3. Costs of Air Duct Cleaning in Montreal

The average cost of duct cleaning in Canada is $472, or between $351 and $625. As with many services, the bigger and dirtier the project is, the more you can expect to pay. When a professional duct cleaner comes to assess the needs of your system according to

What’s Included In The Quote?

Before you sign on the dotted line with any company, find out exactly which services are included in your quote.
– Are you being charged for each duct system separately?
– How much per vent?
– Are there any services included after the cleaning, such as a visual inspection and cleanup of debris?

Before negotiating a quote, know the specifics of your home’s air duct systems. Most homes have more than one main trunk line and at least ten vents. Since services charge per vent, furnace, or main trunk line, you can calculate a better estimate of what you’ll pay if you know exactly how many of each make up your home’s system.

Is It A Binding Quote?

A professional company that does air duct cleaning in Montreal will be happy to lay out your exact cost, including fees and taxes. Before agreeing to any terms, be sure that yours is a binding quote. A binding quote is one that cannot change once the job is done. Many disreputable companies trick customers into a low-ball quote, only to tack on tremendous fees once the work is complete. More often than not, these companies do a sub-par job, and their service cost exceeds the average rate of a reputable service.

Don’t rely on daily deals, special coupons, and quotes that are too good to be true. This is usually misleading–if not false–advertising.

 4. Beware Scams

If you commit to hiring state-licensed contractors, it’s not likely you’ll run into a scam. Still, beware of common frauds that plague this industry. Companies may try to con you into paying for unnecessary services. For instance, if you’re told that mold is growing in your ducts, get a second opinion. Mold removal costs several hundred dollars extra, and this service is not always necessary.

 5. Safety And Procedures

Before you let contractors into your home, be sure that your household will be safe during the project. The company’s procedures should result in a thorough removal of debris from your ducts and furnaces without polluting your home or damaging your HVAC system.

What Kind Of Equipment?

Does the company use a negative pressure vacuum to clean your entire HVAC system? Negative pressure is the approved way of clearing air ducts, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. This equipment requires the use of a specialized cleaning truck.

Disreputable companies offer blow-and-go cleaning instead. Their services consist of cleaning with low-pressure hand vacuums or blowers, which only access ducts and vents on the surface.

 6. Proof Of Liability Insurance

Unless you’re willing to pay up if a contractor gets injured on the job, you’ll want a service that carries liability coverage. A reputable company that does air duct cleaning in Montreal will readily show you proof of liability insurance or their workers’ compensation plan. If a company is not insured against accidents, injured workers can legally force you to cover their medical bills instead.

7. Is It Time To Clean Your Ducts?

s it time to clean the ducts in your home? Start your search by learning about our family-owned business that specializes in air duct cleaning in Montreal. Reach out for your free estimate today.

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