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Air Exchanger Cleaning

Air Exchanger Cleaning

The importance of an air exchanger cleaning

Cleaning your exchanger is a must for improved indoor air quality as well as providing proper functioning of your HVAC system. Dust, dirt, debris, and other harmful impurities tend to build up within the air exchanger which hampers its efficiency to filter and circulate clean air. Cleaning

the system periodically reduces the energy costs as well as extends the lifespan of the equipment. Moreover, a clean air exchanger also helps to prevent the accumulation of bacteria and mold.

Our Air Exchanger Cleaning Process

Our meticulous cleaning method guarantees that your air exchanger system is free from dirt and debris, ensuring optimal performance and improved air quality in your home.

Step-1: Flexible Rod Insertion

A flexible rod is carefully inserted into the ducts of your air exchanger. This rod moves through the ducts, whipping and rubbing against the interior surfaces to loosen all dirt and debris.

Step-2: Comprehensive Component Cleaning

We clean every component of your air exchanger system. The flexible rod ensures that even hard-to-reach areas within the ducts are thoroughly cleaned.

Step-3: Suction and Dust Collection

Once the debris is loosened, our powerful suction system draws all loose dirt into a dust collector. This dust collector is equipped with a HEPA filter, ensuring that all particles are captured and prevented from re-entering your home.

Benefits of an air exchanger cleaning

How often should you clean your air exchanger?

An air exchanger should be professionally cleaned every 1-2 years for optimal performance and indoor air quality. Regular cleaning helps remove accumulated dust, dirt, and allergens that can impede the system’s efficiency and potentially harm your health. Professional cleaning not only prolongs the lifespan of the air exchanger but also ensures that it operates efficiently, providing fresh and clean air throughout your home. Regular maintenance is essential to keep the system running smoothly and to avoid costly repairs down the line.

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