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At Ultra air, customer service is close to our hearts. We understand that your time is valuable and you don’t want to wait all day for your air duct cleaning. This is the reason why we offer you several availabilities for your appointment. The time slot indicates the period of time during which the team will come to your home. The work can take from 1 hour to 2 hours depending on the number of air vents present in the home. Other time slots can be assigned on request. Additional charges may then be required.


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Many pollutants and contaminants accumulate in the ventilation system. Just think of dust, debris of all kinds, mold that may be present on the coil, the presence of bacteria, fungi, etc. The cleaning of air ducts allows both to perform a complete inspection of the system, to clean the ventilation system and to set up an intervention plan for worrying situations. You will have access heremore details on pollutants and contaminants found in the ventilation system.


The heating and air conditioning of a residence represent a significant expense in the operating budget of this one. In everyday life, we attach more and more importance to energy saving. We purchase Energy Star certified equipment and appliances, we insulate our homes as much as possible, we seal the smallest space that can let the heat escape, we install programmable thermostats, etc. In this search for energy savings, however, an important element is often (quite unintentionally) overlooked: the impact of dust and debris present in the HVAC system.

The air filter is the first component of the air conditioning and heating system that we need to focus on. Its primary function is to protect the air conditioner or central heat pump coil from the accumulation of dust and debris. An air filter that is not replaced on a regular basis will become overloaded and then create a huge amount of air restriction in your ventilation system. Significant air restriction = loss of heating and cooling efficiency. Result? Your system will then have to run longer to reach the desired temperature, which also leads to additional energy consumption.


Dust and debris cannot be completely captured by the air filter. Some of these contaminants then accumulate on the coil. Over time, this buildup affects the energy efficiency of the coil. The efficiency of the transmission of cold or heat by the coil fins is reduced as the accumulation becomes important. Result? The system must then, again, run longer to maintain the desired temperature, resulting in additional energy consumption.

Everything that is not captured by the air filter and the coil ends up where? Yes, in your air ducts. Over time, the ventilation system becomes clogged, thereby restricting air circulation. Result? You guessed it right: the system will run longer to maintain the desired temperature resulting in additional energy consumption. The solution? Periodically clean the air ducts.


For the residential sector, we recommend cleaning the air ducts every 3 to 4 years maximum. For people suffering from allergies or having respiratory diseases, the cleaning of the ducts should be done every 2 years. Ditto for people with animals or if the residence is located in a dusty environment (busy road, construction, factories, fields, etc.).


We offer residential duct cleaning service for the greater metropolitan area of Montreal and Quebec. We serve Mile of Montreal, Laval, the North Shore and the South Shore, Quebec and Lévis. Wondering if we cover your sector? Do not hesitate to contact us for verification.


The internationally recognized standard of excellence in the field of ventilation duct cleaning is called ASCS (Air Systems Cleaning Specialist) and is issued by the NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners Association), an American non-profit association. Over 1200 members from 20 countries are ASCS certified. At Ultra Air Inc., we have had our certification for nearly 10 years. The process for obtaining and maintaining certification is rigorous:

  • Be a member of the association and have paid its membership fees
  • Pass the certification exam covering the following areas of knowledge:

    • Duct cleaning methods
    • Pollutants and contaminants present in air ducts
    • Association code of ethics
  • Have a valid liability insurance policy
  • Obtain 6 continuing education credits annually
  • Pay annual renewal fees

This certification is a guarantee of our professionalism and demonstrates our commitment to providing you with quality service. We are also a certified partner of Gaz Métro Plus.