Ultra Air Inc. is a family business, which has been established in Ville Saint-Laurent since the very beginning, in 1999. Its owners have always considered customer service to be their number one priority. This is why respect and concern for a job well done remain the main values that characterize the company. Indeed, these are reflected in all aspects of their work, namely:

  • Polite and courteous bilingual employees
  • Polite and courteous bilingual employees
  • Offer of services from Monday to Saturday
  • Same day service offering
  • Precise time range
  • Precautions taken to carry out clean work
  • Quality control

Since work methods evolve over time, the company is keen to stay at the forefront of cutting-edge techniques; in this regard, she obtained her ASCS (Air Systems Cleaning Specialist) certification from Nadca (National Air Duct Cleaners Association) in 2008. This certification allows it to set a high level of quality in its service offering, which confirms its immediate mastery of the following elements:

  • Knowledge of the latest working techniques
  • Knowledge of HVAC system inspection methods
  • Knowledge of the measures to be deployed in the event of detection of the presence of chemical or biological contaminants
  • Knowledge of quality control procedures

Wishing to remain a leading company in the industry, this standard of excellence allows it to follow continuous training; in this way, it ensures the development of the cutting-edge skills required to maintain a very high quality service offer.

Entrusting your air duct cleaning to Ultra Air Inc. means choosing a dedicated team, attentive to your needs. The ability to give high level customer service ensures a satisfied and happy customer experience.