Some occasional situations may justify the cleaning of the air ducts. Here are some examples:


Each house has its own history. When you move into a new house, you are not just buying a building, you are also buying the traces of the lifestyle of the previous occupants. And these traces are found more frequently than you might think in ventilation ducts. For example, did the occupants of the house have animals? If so, hairs of all kinds will end up in your ducts. Obviously, this is not ideal if one of your family members suffers from allergies. Cleaning the walls and floors will not be enough to remove all traces of the passage of animals. What about the presence of other contaminants such as cigarette smoke, dust mites, cooking odors and fumes or renovation dust ignored by the former owner? All of these contaminants will end up in the ventilation ducts of your new home. Moving to your new home and having a fresh start by cleaning the air ducts is an excellent suggestion.


Once you’ve finished renovations in your home, it is strongly recommended to clean the air ducts when the work is done. Some types of work even require the ducts to be cleaned as soon as possible. For example, renovations involving laying of gypsum, joint drafting and sanding will require a cleaning immediately after the completion of your work. The dust emitted by sanding is very volatile and travels easily through the air. This very fine dust will soon block the air filter of your furnace and will find itself everywhere in the air ducts, in the blower of the furnace and on the interior coil. In addition to the health problems it can cause, the accumulation of gypsum dust may affect the performance of your air conditioning and heating system. Be sure to replace your air filter during your renovations. Did you know that it is inadvisable to use the central vacuum to collect gypsum dust? The warranty offered by some manufacturers could be voided if the presence of gypsum dust was found in an appliance that has suffered a breakage. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are wondering about the appropriateness of performing a duct cleaning after renovations. We will advise you according to the nature of the work done.


Several types of sinister require a cleaning of the air ducts: fire, water damage, gas or oil leak, etc. The presence of smoke, water or toxic fumes can find themselves in your air ducts and become the source of contaminants, some of which could be bacteria and mold. A good and thorough inspection will have to be done in order to evaluate the level of contamination in the system and to determine an optimal cleaning and decontamination method. Don’t hesitate to contact us to obtain further information on this subject.